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Eastmont Pickleball Complex

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Court Availability

Pickleball Open Play Rules

The spirit of open play is that everyone gets to play with different players in a recreational and fun setting. The objective to open play is to have people learn from playing with others.

Open Play General Guidelines 

  • Place your paddles in one of the racks, stacking left to right.
  • There is no rearranging of paddles for people to stick together.
  • Place holder paddles are not allowed. Players must be present to have a paddle in the stack. When playing, you may not stack your paddle until you have completed your game.
  • Games will be to 11(win by 2)
  • When courts are busy and there are more than 10 players waiting, play to 9 so the courts can turn over faster.
  • Winners will STAY on the court (you are not required to split) as the next twosome comes on to play.
  • The “losers” will exit the court and restack their paddles.
  • After a second win, players must exit the court and get into the regular paddle rotation with everyone else.
  • No individual, group, club, or organization shall occupy courts for formal lessons, clinics, leagues, or tournament play without written agreement with the Eastmont Metropolitan Park District.

Please use common courtesy and common sense when using the courts. Failure to comply with these guidelines and fair play could result in your court privileges being removed.

 Everyday is open play Pickleball!

For more information on fair play and sportsmanship visit USA Pickleball


Eastmont Pickleball Complex is located inside Eastmont Community Park.


The Eastmont Pickleball Complex was built in 2016 when 2 tennis courts were transformed into 6 pickleball courts. Stemilt, Bob's Burgers and Brews, Jessup Real Estate, the Wenatchee Valley Pickleball Club and the NCW Community Foundation were all sponsors of this project and their contributions are greatly appreciated. The complex contains 6 pickleball courts that are available from April 1 through October 31. We do take the nets down and lock the courts during the winter months, so that our surface overlay is not damaged due to the cold conditions.

Pickleball Club

The local pickleball club is the WV Pickleball Club.